10210-T1 Prince Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Resale of Home

If you are selling or thinking of selling, there are some important things you will need to know.

You may not be aware that the Maryland Condominium Act requires the seller of a condominium to provide the prospective purchaser with a condominium resale package/disclosure certificate.  This package includes a list of questions posed in the Maryland law which are answered by management and must be provided to the purchaser.  The information in the package relates to the Association as a whole as well as the individual home.

To order a resale package go to:  www.homewisedocs.com  and register as a user. It only takes a minute to register a user name and password. Once done, you can log into the site and search for Condominium No. One of the Pines in Upper Marlboro, MD.  You will want to order the ‘resale disclosure bundle’. The site walks you through the steps and you can pay through the website. The site will notify you via email when your package is ready and how you can log back on to download the completed bundle.

Included in the bundled package is a financial disclosure statement, sellers statement, a copy of the current budget, audit and insurance, and a copy of the association documents (bylaws, rules & regs, policies, etc.). Please note that the purchaser should have at least 5 days to review the package prior to settlement. We also suggest that you consult with your attorney and/or real estate agent regarding correct compliance with the law.

If you have any questions when using the site, HomewiseDocs has contact information at the bottom of the webpage. Just call them direct with any questions and they can help you through any questions.