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Gas Sub-Metering

Gas for your furnace is sub-metered to each individual unit.  You will receive a separate bill for gas from the gas billing contractor, YES ENERGY MANAGEMENT (Formerly known as Energy Billing Systems). Meters are read each month.  Contact YES ENERGY MANAGEMENT at 1-888-990-4421 or www.YesEnergyManagement.com  if there are questions regarding your gas bill. Each unit will be responsible for their personal furnace usage.  Common gas usage – hot water and stove – will be billed by percentage ownership. If you smell gas call Washington Gas immediately at 1-703-750-1400 – then call CVI.


Homeowner responsibility.  All arrangements are strictly between the homeowner and the contractor.

If you get a new furnace, please contact YES ENERGY MANAGEMENT (Formerly known as Energy Billing Systems).  The efficiency of your new furnace will impact your heating bill and YES ENERGY MANAGEMENT must be contacted by you in order to make the necessary adjustment to your account and ensure you sub-meter is hooked up properly to your new furnace in order to avoid estimated gas bills. Contact YES ENERGY MANAGEMENT at 1-888-990-4421.