10210-T1 Prince Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Gas Sub-Metering

This notice is to inform owners about the sub-metering for Condominium No. One of the Pines. The Board of Directors has approved removing the sub-metering program from the community and roll the cost of all gas usage into owner’s assessments. This means that owners will no longer
receive a bill from Yes Energy Management for their gas consumption. This change will be going into effect on May 1, 2022. This means the final gas bill that owners will receive will be for April 2022 usage. This bill will be received sometime in May 2022 for your April usage.

After that final bill, all gas charges will be included in your assessment. Owners and tenants will no longer have to contact Yes energy for any issues with gas or gas usage. In addition, owner will no longer have to contact Yes energy or management for any upgrades to their gas appliances.

Please note that delinquent balances for gas will still be due. If owners have any outstanding balance for previous usage, those delinquencies will be pursed as they have been in the past. If you believe you are delinquent for any reason, please contact CVI for clarification on the matter.


Homeowner responsibility.  All arrangements are strictly between the homeowner and the contractor.

If you get a new furnace, please contact YES ENERGY MANAGEMENT (Formerly known as Energy Billing Systems).  The efficiency of your new furnace will impact your heating bill and YES ENERGY MANAGEMENT must be contacted by you in order to make the necessary adjustment to your account and ensure you sub-meter is hooked up properly to your new furnace in order to avoid estimated gas bills. Contact YES ENERGY MANAGEMENT at 1-888-990-4421.