10210-T1 Prince Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774


Pines One on-site office

Address: 10210-T1 Prince Place
Telephone: 301-336-3850
301-596-2086 after hours maintenance emergency number
Email: pinesonecondominiums@verizon.net


Monday-Friday 12p.m. to 4:30p.m.

Brickman’s Lawn Maintenance Schedule


Those originating from within a home are the homeowner’s responsibility to repair. Be sure toilet seals are replaced and tubs are caulked as needed. Common pipe leaks are the association’s responsibility.

Doors (unit entry doors)

Homeowner is responsible to repair and replace, but condominium responsibility to paint.  Painting is done on a schedule as budgeted and not at homeowner request.  Strict color enforcement does apply.


Homeowner responsibility.  All arrangements are strictly between the homeowner and the contractor .


Gas for your furnace is sub-metered to each individual unit.  You will receive a separate bill for gas from the gas billing contractor, EBS (Energy Billing Systems). Meters are read each month.  Each unit is responsible for their personal furnace usage. The hot water and stove is billed by percentage ownership. Contact EBS at 1-800-637-4242 if there are questions regarding your gas bill. Each unit will be responsible for their personal furnace usage.  Common gas usage – hot water and stove – will be billed by percentage ownership. If you smell gas call Washington Gas immediately at 1-703-750-1400 – then call CVI.

Patio Drains

The maintenance of the patio drain is the full responsibility of the individual home owner.  The drain serves only your home, and therefore must be maintained by the home owner.  By keeping your patios swept and clear of leaves, twigs and dirt, the patio drain should work okay.


The area that you may need to access in order to have your phone system repaired is in a locked room.  For access, you need to contact the on-site office at 301-336-3850 during the hours listed above under “On-Site Office” to arrange for a mechanic to unlock the room. This cannot be done after hours, on weekends, or holidays, so please be sure to plan in advance.

Trash Removal

The trash room is located in the terrace level of your building.  Place trash in the cans.  All trash must be in tied, air‑tight plastic bags.  Marked bins are provided for recyclable items, i.e., newspaper, glass, aluminum, etc.  Bulky items, i.e., boxes, shelves, etc., should be neatly stacked at the back of the trash room.  Recycle Bins can be obtained at the on-site office.  NOTE:  Removal of appliances, (i.e. stoves, refrigerators), commodes, tubs, construction debris (tile, flooring, drywall), carpeting, cabinets, doors, windows, etc., is the responsibility of the homeowner and not the association.  Owners should work with their contractors to remove items they are replacing OFF of association property or see Yellow Pages.


Windows and sliding doors must have curtains/blinds at all times.  Repair/maintenance of your windows and sliding glass door are a homeowner responsibility.