10210-T1 Prince Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Pool Information

All owners become automatic members of the Pines Community Association (PCA), which is the organization in charge of the pool.  There is a mandatory fee for this association that is billed separately by PCA and is due on April 1st of each year.  Pool pass information is mailed out annually to all owners prior to commencement of the pool season.


If you want to SWIM this summer…and we ALL want to swim because that’s the best part of SUMMER…please read!

Pines Community Association 2024 Pool Passes

We’re going digital this year.

REGISTER online today.

 Be sure your account is at a $0 balance and you have no outstanding violations prior to registering.  Accounts with a balance or outstanding violations will be REJECTED and owners will need to apply again once the issues are resolved.     If you are renting your unit, you must register passes for your tenants. You will check in with the lifeguard on each visit to the pool to be logged in. After your first visit – your face will be your ticket in. No pool passes to carry or remember or lose or get soggy!

 Accounting questions? Email dcroft@cviinc.com 

Violation questions? Email pinesonecondominiums@verizon.net

Include your name and address in your email.

HAVE QUESTIONS? NEED HELP?  Email or call Savannah Kennedy, CVI Office Assistant, at 301-596-2600 x3220 or skennedy@cviinc.com

 Please note: If you are approved, but later in the season there is a balance on your account OR violations are outstanding, access to the pool will be INVALIDATED until such time the issues are resolved.

The Pines Community Association Board of Directors has approved the use of an online pool pass registration system – CellBadge.  CellBadge allows the association to control access to the pool facilities using a real-time database and paperless online registration.  The CellBadge system lets lifeguards know if the household is valid, invalid, registered, or unregistered. 

Only REGISTERED & VALID household members can gain access to the pool.  YOU CANNOT REGISTER AT THE POOL.  YOU MUST DO SO IN ADVANCE.  Also, it is easier to register from a computer rather than a mobile device.





One Bedroom – Limit 2 primary residents and 2 guests

Two Bedroom – Limit 3 primary residents and 2 guests

Three Bedroom – Limit 4 primary residents and 2 guests


Online Registration for the 2024 Pool Season is now open.

Go to: pines.cellbadge.com/Register