10210-T1 Prince Place, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Board of Directors

The Pines One has an elected Board of Directors that consists of seven members.  Each May, members are elected to the open positions on the Board by the homeowners. These elected representatives sit on the Board and make decisions on behalf of all homeowners.  The Board’s duties and responsibilities are outlined in the Bylaws of the Association.  These are hefty responsibilities for your elected women and men of the Board. This is not a paid job, but a volunteer position.  These homeowners devote their time and energy to help improve the Pines One community.

Darryl Anderson, President, Term Expires 2019
Renee Washington, Vice President, Term Expires 2019
Paula Reed, Treasurer, Term Expires 2020
Michelle Stevenson, Secretary, Term Expires 2021
Hazel M.S. Anderson, Director, Term Expires 2021
Joyce White, Director, Term Expires 2021
Annette Keizer, Director, Term Expires 2020

If you would like to contact the Board of Directors, please email the Community Manager (see CVI contact information